Can Toni Jasper outsmart a killer before her worst fears come true?

About this murder mystery and me

Banking on Deceit


Independent and fearless, Toni Jasper’s behavior often defies logic. She left the comfort of a small-town newspaper to run her own boutique advertising and public relations firm. With several sizable clients, her future seems secure until a bizarre bank heist, suspicious death and mysterious disappearance involving one of her major clients leaves her baffled—and even fearful. Yet, she must investigate to help close friends who are involved and possibly in danger. Even more troubling, Toni also suspects that a body, which turns up forty miles away, could be someone she knows from the usually low-crime City of Seminole. 

Are all of these events somehow linked in more ways than timing?  Is the by-the-book bank manager being framed? And where is the long-time vice president of this esteemed financial institution? His house goes up in smoke, but does he? The evidence is perplexing at best.  

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When a good friend is kidnapped, Toni’s investigative determination escalates into high gear, much to the dismay of her colleagues. The police investigator emphatically warns Toni to be careful, but she refuses to give up, putting her own life in danger to help her friend before it’s too late. 

Toni counts on her worldly journalism smarts as well as her former editor—and handsome friend—to help her find the truth. Or is the responsible newspaperman too savvy to sleuth? Will he help her overcome the stiff restrictions of the local police investigator in charge? 

At least Toni has the comfort of her cat, Bubbles, for tantalizing, one-sided discussions about the hard-to-prove bank theft, the enigmatic murder victim and her friend’s abduction.  Toni’s investigation has to root out the true culprits in all three crimes. Is it possible that one of her trusted close friends is not who he or she seems? 

My Background


B. J. Dandro:

I grew up as a Nancy Drew aficionado. Today, murder mysteries are still on the top of my reading list. At the start of my career, I worked at a large newspaper writing news features articles and advertising copy, eventually starting my own ad agency. Throughout my professional work in media writing, boutique agency ownership, corporate public relations work, Real Estate sales and university teaching, I have encountered a variety of personalities - not that I actually wanted to murder any of them! Some of those memorable personalities have luckily (or not) contributed to my inspiration for writing Banking on Deceit. Currently, I live happily in Lutz, FL. I'm fortunate to have one intelligent daughter and, over the years, to have survived one playful, cool collie-shepherd mix and several inquisitive feline bosses.

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Banking on Deceit was a semi-finalist in the FWA Royal Palm Literary Competition 2018!

Wonderful Event on  Saturday, June 15, 2019, from  9:00 AM – Noon, for the         

Local Authors Book Fair at Keiser University,  

16120 US Highway 19 North

Clearwater, FL 33764

My fellow authors and I hope to see you there next time!

It was a festive day at the Lake Seminole Square Author's Circle on 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fun!

Thank you to  the Cheval Women's Club Holiday Bazaar! I sold some books AND contributed to a good charity. 

Gorgeous day and fun time at the Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading, Saturday, November 17, 2018! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth and to those who went home with one of my no

Real testimonials from super-sleuthing fans

Banking on Deceit plays out in the City of Seminole, on the west coast of Florida.

As the real-life Mayor of Seminole, I especially enjoyed trying to figure out who stole Chloe’s sapphire and diamond ring from a safe deposit box in 'my' city.  Page by page this theft got more interesting leading to a trail of murder, kidnapping and threats!”  - your Mayor  

"A very enjoyable read!  Great casual mystery with suspenseful twists and turns.  The characters were both believable and entertaining, particularly Chloe and her dog, Brutus.  Loved the character bantering.  Also enjoyed the tension between the main character and her romantic interest, which added another layer of suspense.  If this is the beginning of a series, I am looking forward to reading the next installment." - N. C.


"Fun mystery in local Florida setting The clues to this murder mystery were uncovered one by one, and fitted together by a successful Toni Jasper.  Having been a longtime fan of the "Murder She Wrote" TV series, I enjoyed the characters and intrigue of the story, and the aha moments leading to the climax and conclusive ending." - B. C. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book! I found the characters to be very relatable, and I was unable to put the book down. I just kept reading and turning pages, wanting to assist Toni in solving the mystery and finally determine 'who done it!' Loved Bubbles the cat, as well as all of the local Tampa Bay area references. Keep them coming . . . ." - J. M.

"I loved Banking on Deceit and the members of our writing group did too! 

Thanks for writing it." - J. C. 

Watch for the sequel!

Of course, Toni Jasper can't leave well enough alone. She'll be nosing around a few new, sinister situations, especially when she encounters clever, financially devious people who are Operating on Duplicity. But - are they clever enough to get away with murder?

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